Essential Read: Mickey Burns “Inside Celebrity Profiles: A Visual Journey”

Essential Read: Mickey Burns “Inside Celebrity Profiles: A Visual Journey”

Television’s most accomplished and respected talk show hosts Profiles’ Mickey Burns has recently launched a global phenomena of star studded photographs compiled in the ultimate coffee table book entitled “Inside Celebrity Profiles: A Visual Journey” published via New Haven Publishers. The photographs credited to photographers Robert Braunfeld and Shani Mitchell chronicle two decades of TV interviews taken during and behind the scenes of “Profiles with Mickey Burns.”

After 20 years on air and 500 episodes Burns has collected a barrage of sophisticated pictures of some of the most illuminated stars, music icons, and sports figures on the planet. The pictures include artists the likes of Smokey Robinson, Engelbert Humperdinck, Aaron Neville, Bill Medley, Mary Wilson, Tony Orlando, Gloria Gaynor, Petula Clark, Latoya Jackson, Fred Schneider , Judy Collins, Davy Jones, Graham Nash, Lulu, Meat Loaf, Robert Wagner, Christopher Plummer, Billy Porter, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ernest Borgnine, Carl Palmer, Kenny Aronoff, Joan Rivers Tim Conway, Chuck Barris, George Foreman, Ron Darling, Keith Hernandez, Dick Cavett, and that barely scratches the surface.

The book is neatly categorized and additionally includes intimate quotes, charming and humorous anecdotes, and fun facts. It’s larger than life and tributes current celebs and those who have since passed. The book gives a voice to words unsaid through the pictures.

Burns is one of the preferred interviewers by celebrities because of his one on one show format as opposed to a show like Jimmy Kimmel who only interviews his guests for several minutes. On Profiles the entire show belongs to the guest so they can talk about a variety of things without interruption. Another advantage is that a photographer is present to collect behind the scenes pictures never before seen, thus “Inside Celebrity Profiles: A Visual Journey.”

Burns also had “From The Projects to Profiles: A Memoir” published last year which became a successful and inspirational autobiography. The book is colorful, full of heart and a touching rendition of Mickey’s Journey from the projects to his accomplished career. It’s also loaded with backstage stories of those he’s interviewed. Mickey Burns is a story teller whether in pictures or words as he writes history of the stars…..

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