The best protein shaker bottles for perfectly blended post-workout drinks

Hot girl summer is very much on this year, and if you’re anything like us then you’ll be clueless as to what protein shakers are going to give you the smoothest and yummiest drink post gym – after all, who wants a lumpy refreshment?

A high protein diet (before and after a workout) when you’re building up muscle is imperative to keeping those gains, and most people look to whey or vegan protein powder to aid in their intake. Choosing a tasty flavour is all well and good, but when it comes to making protein powders palatable the key is in investing in a good shaker bottle – though no judgement if you just use the one you got free with your order!

Whether your mixer of choice is milk or just plain water, a proper protein shaker will ensure everything is blended together for a smooth consistency and a drink that won’t leak in your gym bag and all over your resistance bands and spare leggings. We’ve all been there. While, yes, you can often find a protein shaker from the same place that you purchase your powder and other essentials from, you might want to consider these few things before you add one to your cart…

Do protein shaker bottles work?

Although they’re never going to provide as smooth-a consistency as your juicer or blender perhaps might, protein shaker bottles do work. Enabling you to create an instant drink at work or the gym, the nifty accessory is perfect for those who are always on the go. Breaking it down in terms of the most basic of styles, a shaker bottle consists of a cup with a tightly sealed lid, that features a drinking spout, and a wire ball that sits freely inside.

How long you choose to stand there shaking your bottle is totally down to personal preference (and patience), but obviously the longer you blend the smoother your beverage will be. There are a variety of types of bottles to choose from too, from stainless steel to electronic protein shakers, so there’s definitely a reason behind their existence. It all depends on which one works best for you and your lifestyle – if you’re occasionally working out from home then you may want something more simple, or if you’re an avid gym goer (round of applause to you, first of all) then investing a bit more money might be something to consider.

Do I need a protein shaker bottle?

If you’re wanting to start using protein powders then it’s probably a good idea to buy a shaker to go with it. Unless you have an electric whisk or blender at home that you can use – and don’t mind spending your life washing it up every day – you’ll need a device to ensure everything is mixed together properly. That’s where protein shaker bottles come in.

Word of warning though (which anyone who’s left one in their gym bag or car for a period of time will confirm), protein shakers will quickly start to smell pretty gross if you don’t clean them properly. A haven for bacteria, especially if you mix them with milk, the remnants of your protein supplement needs to be cleaned out pretty much as soon as you’ve drunk it. A thorough hand scrubbing isn’t always desirable, however, so there are plenty of plastic and stainless steel options – such as this one from Myprotein – that are fully dishwasher safe. Phew!

What’s the best protein shaker bottle?

There are lots of other useful features to look out for when it comes to protein shaker bottles. You heard us right, other than just shaking up your protein, some bottles are much more practical and convenient than others. When you’re travelling, we recommend looking for a protein shaker that includes a built-in storage compartment to store your powder so that it’s ready for use when you are – like this one from Amazon.

Stainless steel shakers will keep your drinks cool if you’re mixing it before you head out, plus you can also use them as standard water bottles in between shakes. Some protein shake bottles that we’ve come across don’t use a metal ball, so if you’re an early bird and need something that isn’t going to make a lot of noise then those might be a good option for you. At the higher end of the price point spectrum you’ll find advanced, built-in blender capabilities – a good place to look if you’ve just done arm day and the thought of shaking your bottle makes you want to cry.

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This way to the gun show our top 12 protein shaker bottles on the market.


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