Our Special Celebrity Guest Speaker From The Women Gone Wild Summit – Diana Wentworth!

What if you could learn the right questions to ask to get what you really want out of life?

How does your impatience actually encourage the inner poet & guide within you, to come alive?

‘What are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?’

Hearing that, is there a sense of urgency, of new beginnings to go after what you want?

Diana Wentworth is here to bring you home to you, through writing and through sharing your truth, through the written word.

Learning to discern from YOUR truth and knowing vs something that is not your belief or truth, is a skill, inside this Episode, Diana lets you know how and encourages you to start YOUR unravelling journey to rewrite your story, with authority.

The Rhonda Swan Show is hosted by world-renowned International Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Online Brand Strategist Rhonda Swan, founder of the Unstoppable Branding Agency. Here at The Rhonda Swan HQ we focus on people and how to turn their passions and dreams into a tangible reality. The show is dedicated to inspiring mothers, families and individuals to go after their dreams.

Through Rhonda’s private mentorship program, world-class online training course and best-selling book with audiences in 88 countries, she helps people turn their passions into profits, dream big and create a life with meaningful action to create Unstoppable results.

Diana is the author of several best-selling and award-winning books like Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbook: 101 Stories with Recipes from the Heart, Send Me Someone: A True Story of Love Here and Hereafter, The Von Welanetz Guide to Ethnic Ingredients: How to Buy and Prepare More Than 1,000 Foods from Around the World, The Pleasure of Your Company and the co-author of two Chicken Soup for the Soul titles. Her book Send Me Someone: A True Story of Love Here and Hereafter had the rights for being purchased by the Lifetime Network and The Pleasure of Your Company was the recipient of the Cookbook of the Year award.

She is also a Certified Life Coach who specializes in REINVENTION. Diana has done everything from hosting her own tv show to being an international keynote speaker at women’s meetings, writers conferences, and on cruise ships.

Tune in, turn the volume up & tantalize your listening taste buds with this week’s Episode with Diana Wentworth & Replay Series of the hugely successful, Women Gone Wild Summit, which impacted more than 150,000 women from all over the globe!

Watch Diana Wentworth on The Rhonda Swan Show here:

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