Boost Your Marketing This Summer With Ebony Swank’s Simple Marketing Advice

Could boosting your marketing efforts this Summer be as easy as 1-2-3?

Swank-a-Posh is a 7 Figure Brand born from the ashes of almost losing everything, by this Financial Analyst turned CEO, Ebony Swank. Ebony sat down and shared some of her simple marketing secrets to growing her company with Rhonda Swan on a recent episode of The Rhonda Swan Show.

The Rhonda Swan Show is ‘The Room’ for impactful, inspiring and educational conversations and interviews from those who have dared to follow their dreams, straight into the ears, minds and hearts of those with big ambition. That’s YOU!

From sun-up until sun-down, with a new baby on board, Ebony didn’t have a choice but to build the empire she has today. After some initial hurdles Swank-a-Posh would become the go-to store in Detroit. From concerts to parties, to homecoming dances, to birthdays, Swank was more than just a fashion brand and went global with an eCommerce store, further expanding her reach through social media.

Ebony and Rhonda, as Mothers, explore the value of not being afraid to learn from their mistakes in business and in life, and how this has helped them to blaze new trails also inspiring their own daughters to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

Ebony shares: “lessons have this ability to take you to another level, don’t give up when they appear – you have to keep going and own your failures to bring you closer to where you desire to be”
Leveraging her lessons was also what gave her the insight to make things simpler. Here are her easily implementable 3 lessons that have been upgraded to be her simple business boosting marketing steps:

1. Listen to your customer: “The customer is teaching you everything, you just have to listen to them” 

2. Capitalize on the digital market: do the manipulations, implement what you know about the customer and build an aligned strategy.

3. Know your numbers: “manage your cash, control your cash and know how to make it work for you”

 Tune into this highly valuable conversation to get more detail on what Rhonda discussed with multi-millionaire, Ebony Swank to give your week the inspirational and tangible boost it may need.

Ebony is also a co-author of the Women Gone Wild, best-selling book series and collective movement empowering and encouraging women to return to their wild essence.

Catch the episode RIGHT HERE:

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