Half lashes are TikTok’s latest take on the no-makeup-makeup trend

Big, false lashes have – and are still having – their moment. But half lashes, i.e. wearing false lashes chopped in half, appear to be on the rise on TikTok for more of the subtle, barely-there finish that people are loving, especially during these summer months. 

That’s not to say the decision to add a false lash is an easy one – even if it is only half. Is this lash going to end up hanging off my eyebrow? Will I end up with eyes glued shut and my night ruined? Potentially. But the new TikTok trend looks so natural-looking and fluttery, we can’t help but give it a try. 

TikToker, Amelia Olivia, is among the half lash enthusiasts who swear by the subtle finish. In a how-to TikTok video, she says,“I’m gonna get everyone using half lashes, cause they’re the way forward”.

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One important tip she shared was to make sure to cut the lash so that you place the inner corner in the middle of the lash and cut off the outer corner, as opposed to cutting off the inner corner. This is to make sure the shortest part of the lash can blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. You could even add a thin dash of eyeliner to your inner corner if you’re finding it hard to blend your lashes and the falsies together.

She added, “to give that lift and foxy eye look make sure the front is really stuck to your lash line, and then instead of following it down go straight with the lash, and that’s where you will get the lift”.

Don’t let the detailed instructions put you off, once you have got this technique nailed, you’ll be able to achieve stunning lashes in minutes. She claimed, “[she was] just obsessed!”, and so are lots of other users putting the trend to test!

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

TikToker Ashley Quiroz suggested using tweezers to pinch your lashes closer to your lash line, though don’t fret if there is a small gap, as it can lift and accentuate the eye. Some may say a perfect mistake.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Fellow fan Greta Mikki advises using a false lash which has the most length in the middle and is basically symmetrical on both sides, because then you can use the same lash for both eyes (which also means you get two lashes for the price of one). To finish, she applies mascara to her natural lashes et voila. Half the lash, half the struggle.

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