Most Popular Comic Book Superhero by State

To celebrate National Comic Book Day, which took place on September 25th, Wisevoter investigated the most loved comic book superheroes by state.

The comic book market size increased by more than 60% between 2020 and 2021, which both DC and Marvel benefitted from. Marvel’s share of the market was 37% in 2021 and DC’s 27.1%— which included digital and print sales.

With this increase in sales and popularity, it follows that some of the comics companies’ major characters would also grow in popularity. When looking at each state’s favorites, Wisevoter found that Spider-Man was the most popular in 25 states, followed by Batman in 10, and Superman in four.

map of the U.S. and most popular comic book superiors by state
Courtesy of Wisevoter

Click here for a full list of the top five superheroes for each state.

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