The Best 2023 Page-A-Day Calendars and Desk Calendars for Readers

Now that so many of us spend all day on screens, there’s something about using a paper calendar. From bullet journalling to maintaining a wall calendar, having reminders in a physical form can make them more effective — and it’s nice to get a break from screens and pinging reminders. Daily calendars (fun fact: “Page-A-Day Calendars” is a trademarked brand) have the added bonus of being a little daily ritual. There’s a new picture/factoid/puzzle to reveal every day with a satisfying tear off of the day before. Look, the little things really add up, okay?

Another advantage of page-a-day calendars and other daily calendars is that they’re they’re a good stocking stuffer size. (Depending on your particular stocking and calendar dimensions, of course.) Getting a desk calendar that matches the giftee’s interests means that they get to enjoy that gift all year round.

There are so many options for calendars now that it’s easy to get one that exactly matches your (or the person you’re gifting’s) interests. Particular dog breeds? Of course. 365 days of shoes? Naturally. But you’re in Book Riot, so you want something bookish. These daily calendars are all great picks for readers, but they range from general interest to more specific subgenres. Let’s dive in!

Daily Calendars For the Generally Bookish:

the Curious Reader desk calendar

The most obvious choice for any book lover is this Curious Reader desk calendar, which gives you a new piece of literary trivia every day. $17

the cover of Shakespearean Insults 2023 Day-to-Day Calendar

This Shakespearean Insults daily calendar will work equally well for English majors, classics nerds, and anyone who wants to add some more elaborate insults to their vocabulary. $17

Daily Calendars For Cartoon Fans:

a photo of the Cartoons from The New Yorker 2023 Day-to-Day Calendar

In a slightly more intellectual vein, there’s also this Cartoons from The New Yorker 2023 Day-to-Day Calendar. $17

Daily Calendar For Superhero Comics Readers:

the cover of the Marvel History 2023 Desk Calendar

Learn some more comics trivia with this Marvel History 2023 Desk Calendar. (And for the DC faithful, I’m sorry to say I couldn’t find a similar one!) $20

Daily Calendars For Star Wars Fans:

the front of the Star Wars 2023 Desk Calendar

Star Wars fans can learn some new trivia with this Star Wars 2023 Desk Calendar — and extreme fans can feel smug about already knowing it all! $20

Mandalorian The Child SW 2023 Desk Calendar

Has any character captured hearts so quickly as Baby Yoda aka The Child aka Grogu? This Mandalorian: The Child 2023 Desk Calendar is devoted just to him, and it also has a different cute little illustration of him on every page! $20

Page-A-Day Calendars for Puzzlers:

The New York Times Crossword 2023 Page-A-Day Calendar

The New York Times Crossword 2023 Page-A-Day Calendar is a two-in-one gift for crossword puzzle lovers, because not only do they have a paper crossword to do every day, it also comes with a free month of New York Times Games, including unlimited crosswords as well as the Spelling Bee. $17

Daily Calendars For History Readers:

History Channel This Day in Womens History 2023 Desk Calendar

These daily calendars let you learn a bite-sized bit of history every day. I will leave it entirely in your court whether you gift them to people interested in the subject or whether they’re a passive aggressive gift to someone who should be educating themselves on these topics… This one is the This Day in Women’s History 2023 Desk Calendar. $15

Daily Calendar for the Ultra-Prepared:

Page-A-Day Calendar for Story Lovers:

Ghost Stories 2023 Page-A-Day Calendar

If you’re just looking for a little story to start your days, I’ve got two quite different options for you. The first one is this Ghost Stories 2023 Page-A-Day Calendar, perfect for horror fans. $17

That’s it for daily calendars for readers, but you might also be interested in 12 of the Best Bullet Journals: Blank, Pre-Filled, and Kits.


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