How To Write A Manifestation Letter

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ‘think’ things into reality? Make good things happen, just because we ask the universe for them?

Actually, that’s already a thing. It’s called ‘manifestation’ and search traffic suggests that it’s a particularly hot topic right now.

Kim Kardashian is at it, Ariana Grande loves it and Lady Gaga is a believer. And then there’s the slew of books, memes, courses, and hashtags reminding us to keep thinking positive if we want our dreams to come true. The internet is awash with influencers crediting their perfect lives, jobs, partners, and collabs to the law of attraction, a practice based on the idea that we have the power to create our own reality and attract into our lives pretty much anything we choose to focus on through positive thinking and aligned action.

The self-help technique – which effectively promises to turn dreams into reality – has been gaining popularity for decades, from the publication of The Secret back in 2006 to more modern iterations over on TikTok and whether you believe in it or not, it’s worth giving it a go because what can possibly go wrong?

Sneer all you want but I’ve long sworn by the power of manifestation and whilst, no, I don’t live in my dream Chelsea home nor have the funds to shop at Net every day, a little positivity and focus has helped steer me towards my goals.

I’ve been fully influenced by Roxie Nafousi, whose first book, Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life; a staple on many an influencer’s Insta grid with it’s recognisable bright-orange jacket, is based all around the topic. And my go-to intuitive healer, clairvoyant and meditation guru Emma Lucy Knowles has long been a staunch fan of manifestation. In fact, she’s just penned an entire book, Crystals to Manifest, within which she aims to show us that this isn’t a passing fad or a process of wishful thinking, but that we are in fact manifesting our life moment to moment through our energy, our thoughts, our beliefs – all of which we have the power to influence for the better. And Emma believes that crystals are the missing piece to the puzzle. “You can manifest the energy you are ready for in your life and the power of using crystals to turn your dreams into reality,” she promises me as I sit down for a session with her, in which she guided me through how to use crystals to clear my body of what is blocking me. She taught me how to tap into my intuition and call in positive energy to manifest the stuff I really want. Whether you’re manifesting good things for your romantic life, friendships, career or physical health, this accessible guide tells you which crystals to pick and how to use them to strengthen your manifestation practice.

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