AMC & Paramount Network CBS Reality Apologizes For Broadcasting The N-Word During Daytime

CBS Reality, the UK channel owned by AMC Networks International and Paramount, has apologized for airing the N-word before the 9PM watershed.

The television channel mistakenly aired an unedited episode of true-crime series Evidence of Evil at 5PM on January 23, 2023.

The show featured footage of a police interview with a suspected murderer, in which the individual said “f**k” and the N-word twice. Subtitles were also shown on screen.

UK media regulator Ofcom found the show in breach of broadcasting rules on offensive language.

CBS Reality apologized to Ofcom for “any offence or upset caused to viewers” and said the broadcast was unintentional.

The network said it mistakenly uploaded the wrong version of Evidence of Evil for broadcast, saying the error was made in May 2020 at the height of the pandemic when staff were working from home.

CBS Reality said it had updated its processes and reviewed “all other programming,” concluding that it was compliant with Ofcom rules.

CBS Reality is operated by the joint-venture company CBS AMC Networks UK Channels Partnership.


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