Kim Kardashian Keeps These 9 Ridiculous Items In Her Office

Someone tell North that her mum is making TikToks without her again and this time, Kim Kardashian is giving us a tour of her office, while jumping on of the app’s latest trend.

Swanning through the floors of her custom Rick Owen-designed space, showcasing the most extravagant objects in her office, Kim is giving Oliver in Saltburn energy. All that’s missing is a Sophie Ellis-Bextor soundtrack and a rogue willy.

To be fair, some of the tour’s highlights are even more shocking than that bathtub scene. I mean, never did I ever think that Kim Kardashian would use a sunbed in this day and age. The revelation of that makes the silver sculpture of her brain seem normal.

In case you never get called to a meeting at Casa Kim, here’s what you’re missing:

Kim Kardashian

1. The sunbed

Perhaps the most shocking revelation is that Kim has a “tanning bed” in her office. The same Kim, who infamously said, and I quote, “If you told me that I had to eat poop every single day and I would look younger, I might. I just might.”

Kimberly, you’re telling me you’re willing to adopt the diet of a dung beetle, but you’re not willing to quit the thing that causes skin damage and increases your chance of skin cancer?

To quote Ron Weasley, “She needs to sort out her priorities”.

Oh, and no, before North comes for me. As per the NHS, sunbeds aren’t a recommended treatment for psoriasis (the skin condition Kim suffers from).

Kim Kardashian

2. A mannequin with her custom measurements

When you think about this one, it does make sense. After all, Skims is a clothing company, and Kim does have regular fittings.


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