Labour forecast to win landslide of over 400 seats, with YouGov poll predicting Tory wipeout at election

Labour could be swept into power with a landslide of more than 400 seats at the next general election, according to the latest YouGov mega poll.

The survey of 18,000 people predicts Sir Keir Starmer’s party will gain a parliamentary majority of 154 – almost double what the Conservatives achieved with Boris Johnson in 2019.

The poll forecasts Labour will win 403 seats compared with 155 for the Conservatives.

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If correct, the result would be a worse defeat for the Tories than under Sir John Major in 1997, when the rise of Sir Tony Blair’s New Labour left them with just 165 MPs.

Key Conservatives projected to lose their seats include Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, cabinet ministers Grant Shapps and Penny Mordaunt and former party leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith

There is also bad news for the SNP, which is forecast to lose 29 seats – with most of them going to Labour.

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The Liberal Democrats are targeting Conservative heartlands in the so-called “Blue Wall”, and are forecast to gain 38 seats.

This is the latest survey to predict a 1997-style wipeout for the Conservatives when the nation goes to the polls.

Rishi Sunak has indicated he will call the general election in the second half of this year.


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