Courteney Cox just climbed out of her freezer in the name of wellness

Courteney Cox is known for her dedication to all things wellness. She regularly shares recipes she loves and swears by straight from her kitchen, and she posts videos of her dominating at tennis and challenging NBA pros to a light game of basketball. It seems she’s got the same competitive streak as her Friends character, Monica, who refused to lose at anything.

In her latest video, Courteney took her Instagram followers behind the scenes of her workouts after sharing what she does to stay in shape at 60 (yeah, we can’t believe it either). “So I just had a birthday – don’t love the number, but look, we have no choice. You’ve just gotta do the best you can,” she explained.

In what appears to be her home gym, we see Courteney lashing on the treadmill, weightlifting on a machine, flying through a series of captain’s chair leg raises, squatting with a kettlebell, and completing some hefty pull ups on a bar before… um, climbing out of her freezer?

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Dressed in a black bikini, black sliders, a black LED hair-growth hat and a skin-boosting sheet mask, Courteney can be seen emerging from the bottom cubby of a regular-looking fridge-freezer in what looks to be her garage. Acting as if she’d been caught by surprise, Courteney deadpans: “What??? It’s cryotherapy,” before striding off in what we’re pretty certain is another comical smash hit from the actress, who’s known just as much for her humour on the app as her lifestyle.

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t actually recommend chilling in your freezer, but we love the self awareness Courteney Cox has around the preconceptions lots of us have of Hollywood stars and their wellness routines. Safe to say, our ice lollies are going nowhere.

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