Jennifer Lopez Just Made a Simple Pair of Flip-Flops Look So Expensive on Vacation

We’ve talked about Jennifer Lopez’s heels collection at length; we’ve also talked about her sneakers collection. Now it’s time to move on to her wearing flat beach flip-flops combined with a designer bag and jewellery as if they were the most formal shoes in the world. Because not everyone could fuse them with a Dior bag and get away with it.

The singer, actress and businesswoman went shopping in New York with a look that gave pure summer, and although she kept some of her hallmarks present – such as her everlasting love of hoop earrings – it seems that comfort was her main motivation. In the midst of a strange period of her life, after the cancellation of her tour and rumours of separation from Ben Affleck, she doesn’t seem to want to complicate things more than necessary.

Jennifer Lopez

© Matt Agudo/INSTARimages / Cordon Press

And that, precisely, is what her outfit tells us. Wrapping herself in a white linen shirt and baggy pants, she seemed calm, composed and very comfortable. Alongside a photographer-proof hat, she wore the simplest and most comfortable thing in her closet: Havaianas flip-flops. You know, the kind we all have and rely on when it’s hot and we want everything to be as easy as possible.

Of course, Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t be Jennifer Lopez if she hadn’t added a touch of excess to her style, no matter how small. In this case, it came from a handful of gold jewellery and Dior’s Lady Di-Joy Riviera bag, a piece that we would not necessarily imagine with flip-flops. But let’s not forget that J.Lo practically invented sporty, laid-back luxury, and she continues to defend it like no one else.

This article originally appeared on GLAMOUR Spain.


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