Just a Whole Lot of Hobbit Holes to Bring Home

Is there any more cozy, inviting home in literature than a hobbit hole? These underground dwellings are so iconic that literary tourists travel across the world to see them in New Zealand. It doesn’t take much to evoke a hobbit hole: just a round door in isolation will do. So, if you’re looking to make your home a) more cozy and inviting and b) more nerdy, you could do worse than incorporating a touch of the Shire into your decor.

There are so many incredible hobbit hole and Shire-inspired goodies on Etsy, from handmade pottery to needlepoint decorations to jewelry, paintings, fashion, and more. I meant to just pick out ten or so to highlight, but I ended up with about 20 of my favorites, and I still feel like I only scratched the surface. I started out with a collection of miniature hobbit holes, including dioramas, a hobbit hole terrarium, and a needle-felted hobbit hole. If you don’t want a literal mini hobbit hole, there are also some hobbit hole doors to place to create the illusion of one. Then, I have some hobbit hole paintings, jars, a mug, a locket, and an enamel pin, so there’s something for every hobbit-loving taste and budget. Let’s jump in!

Model Hobbit Holes

a miniature model of Bag End
image from AgoranWerkeStudio at Etsy

How incredible would this miniature of Bag End look in your home library? $93

a ceramic hobbit hole
image from DawnasCeramics at Etsy

This ceramic hobbit hole is perfect for placing in a fairy garden. $40

bag end shaped planter
image from TheBearandWolfStudio at Etsy

This bag end succulent planter adds a bit of practicality to this collection of hobbit holes. $30+

a hobbit terrarium
image from RishStudio at Etsy

This tiny hobbit hole terrarium is so charming! $236, or $93 for just the house

needle-felted hobbit hole
image from TheVelvetHarvest at Etsy

And for our last model hobbit hole, here’s one in a different medium: a needle-felted hobbit hole. $68

Hobbit Hole Doors

image from CreacionesMabeca at Etsy

You can transform any space — especially a bookshelf — into a hobbit hole with this hobbit hole door! $27


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