The 23 Most Popular Books on Book Riot in 2023

Here at Book Riot, we’ve talked about our favorite books of 2023, but what we haven’t talked about yet is your favorite books of 2023. We write about a staggering amount of books here every year: which ones are you picking up? Which titles are you investigating further and adding to your TBR?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a perfect measure for that. As much as I’d like to know how many books we convinced you to read last year, that much of a surveillance state is probably not worth it. What we do have, though, is a less accurate but still intriguing piece of data: the books you’re all clicking on the most.

I don’t know why you clicked on these books. Maybe it’s because you were moved to buy them right that second. Maybe you just thought the book was so strange that you needed to learn more about it. Maybe you mis-clicked. I don’t know your life. But I do think this gives a rough idea of the titles on Book Riot that got the most attention last year.

Without further ado, let’s explore the 23 books we mentioned on Book Riot that were clicked on the most in 2023!


Book cover of The Devil Takes You Home by Gaino Inglesias

The Devil Takes You Home by Gaino Inglesias

This was another title that was only in two articles in 2023, but it still managed to make this list! For fans of detective novels with a new spin, it was in this list of neo-noir books, and it’s also an example of an author who coined their own sub-genre — in this case, barrio noir.


Book cover of The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie

The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie

This title almost stumped me, I have to tell you. When I searched the posts from Book Riot in 2023 that mentioned this title, nothing came up. I solved it, though: this is one of the books mentioned in Can You Guess the Fantasy Book Based on Its 1-Star Reviews? It’s not mentioned in the post, because you have to click the link to see which book it is. In fact, several of the titles on this list are from that post, but I won’t tell you the others, because that would be giving you too many hints!

Those are the titles Book Riot readers clicked on the most often in 2023! I have to say, you all have great taste: this is a list that spans genres and age categories, plus it represents authors of different genders and races. If this is any indication, you’ve got a well-rounded TBR! Congratulations!


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