L.A. County Coronavirus Update: Mayor Eric Garcetti Announces New Interactive Covid Map, Responds To Congress’ New Stimulus Check

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a new tool that would help L.A. County residents be more cautious amid the dark periods of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday Garcetti unveiled a new interactive map of Los Angeles that would provide Angelenos will real time information about infection rates and deaths in varying neighborhoods. In addition to visualizing real-time information about the coronavirus ins Los Angeles, the new map also features quick access to Covid-19 test registration.

Garcetti’s announcement comes as Los Angeles Public Health officials confirm 11, 271 new Covid-19 cases, 56 deaths and 5,709 current hospitalizations. With deaths and daily cases only increasing, Los Angeles is far from in the clear, Garcetti said. The Mayor, whose own daughter tested positive for Covid-19, said Angelenos must be more vigilant to keep themselves and those around them safe, especially during the holdiays.

“Your choices will save lives or they will lead to more deaths,” he repeated multiple times during the Monday briefing.

The Los Angeles official said that lack of care in the final weeks of 2020 can cause ripples that will manifest into a “crashing wave” of Covid-19 cases and related deaths come January, as public health officials including Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Barbara Ferrer had already predicted.

Though Garcetti expressed optimism in the first batches of the Covid-19 vaccine, he shamed Washington D.C. for its lack of additional support to American citizens. On Monday Congress reached a compromise for a second relief package that will provide Americans with a $600 check.

“Six hundred dollars isn’t enough. We’re forced to try to fill that gap, it should’ve been double that.” he said. “Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s no where near what our country needs or deserves from our tax dollars.”

He continued to call out those on the Hill: “As we near 2021 I say to Washington, your work is not done, not close to it. Step up for the American people.”

Watch Garcetti’s full briefing below.


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