This clear gloss negative space liner trend is all over Instagram, here’s how to master it yourself

Hey guys, the 90s called and they want their glossy eyelids back. Think Cher circa early 2000s, or makeup artist to the stars and our very own columnist Nikki Wolff as she applies this lacquered gloss to model Shanina Shaik’s eyelids underneath a smokey eye, for a wet and wild looking finish.

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However, this season we’re all about shapes. If you haven’t bumped into this trend yet, I suggest you get to it. We are obsessing over glossy lids lined with a negative space graphic liner border, which gives a modern twist to the whole look. It’s giving us real 90s babe realness mashed into a futuristic Euphoria-esque action and we want in.

Glossy lids have been having a moment for a while now, and usually with a splash of pastel hues running across the lid, but we are enjoying the strip back version of the glossy lid. A clear finish with a block border using a jet black, punchy eyeliner. If you want to spice it up because this year more than ever, we need colour in our life, then you should attempt adding a neon, pastel liquid or cream graphic liner.

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Want to give it a go? Of course you do! Pick the right gloss, lids are sensitive, mine certainly are, so if you can go for eye glosses specifically formulated for eyelids, to reduce risk of irritation and they won’t be as sticky as normal lip gloss. After all, blinking should not be a chore, and sticky eyelids are not a mood.

I attempted it myself under the guise of our in-house Glossy lid connoisseur, and MUA to the stars, Nikki Wolff, and here are her two cents:

  • Opt for a long wearing gel liner like Inglot or Delilah gel liners.
  • Try not to use waterproof eye make-up beneath the gloss application as the formulas are more likely to be broken down by the gloss, so actually regular gel liner works best.
  • When doing negative space with a glossy line, I’d say leave a mm or two between the liner and your lash line, and the application of your gloss, which helps to prevent the gloss bleeding into or smudging the liner.
  • With negative space liner there’s no rules, so play around with the best shape for your eyes, and a little tip is to try to follow the angle of the bottom lash line as this keeps eyes looking lifted and creates a flattering frame.

The products you will need:

For the darkest, light omitting eyeliner

Delilah Gel Line Eye & Brow in Ebony, £22, Feel Unique

This intense black formula has a soft texture, which makes it for an easy application and also long-wear – expert approved!

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Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, £21, Look Fantastic

Smudge-proof, sweat and humidity-resistant liner. It can be paired with lacquer texture for the perfect glossy lid.

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Inglot X Maura All The Drama Eyeliner Gel, £10, Boots

The ultimate long-lasting, quick-drying, smudge proof, super black liner – expert approved!

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For the brightest and funnest and most joyful graphic liner

L.A. Girl Gel Eyeliner in Mermaid Teal Frost, £6, Beauty Bay

With an intense black formula that delivers ultimate staying power, without breaking down with the gloss coat.

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MAC Chromaline in Genuine Orange, £17.50, MAC Cosmetics

With an intense pigmented gel/cream formula that delivers ultimate staying power, without breaking down with the gloss coat.

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Suva Beauty Hydra FX in Fanny Pack, £12.50, Beauty Bay

A luminous neon cake liner that glows under UV blacklight and stays in place all night long? We’re sold! Just activate with water.

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For the dewiest and glossiest lid

Linda Hallberg Infinity Glass, £23, Beauty Bay

Try for lightweight and oil-free glossiness that still feels comfortable – expert approved

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Gucci Beauty Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière Gel Face Gloss, £18, Gucci

This multi-use gel gloss adds a veil of transparent illumination. This is the level of glam we deserve this year!

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NYX A Bit Jelly Gel Illuminator Opalescent, £11.99, Very

This jelly-like formula has quite a lot of shimmer for a clear gloss, but it gives it that extra bit of something

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