We’re calling it, these are the TV shows that will be kind of a big deal in 2021

Hands up if you’re looking forward to 2021… That’ll be everyone then.

In 2020, we were truly blessed with new TV that kept us going through some long nights and even longer weekends, but the year ahead already promises some *major* releases that could top them all.

First off let’s talk about the production plans for the books that were a constant comfort during lockdown, like Nine Perfect Strangers (Liane Moriarty), This Is Going To Hurt (Adam Kay) and Conversations With Friends (Sally Rooney).

If you weren’t already shelves-deep in Sally Rooney novels, 2020 was the year that you became a major fan thanks to the BBC Three adaptation of her second book Normal People. Who could forget the wistful April that we spent falling for Marianne and Connell like the third wheel in their brutal yet beautiful love story?

Now comes the screen adaptation of her debut novel, Conversations With Friends, in which two college friends wind up forging a connection with a married couple to become an unexpected quartet. Somehow, we’re already hooked.

Or if you’re looking for something more suspenseful, there’s 2021 miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers, a mega-budget Hollywood interpretation of Liane Moriaty’s 2018 novel. Hot on the heels of the series *everyone* was talking about this year, The Undoing, Nicole Kidman stars in this Hulu thriller about a group of stressed-out urbanites who escape to a wellness retreat that’s not at all what they were expecting.

We’re also poised for BBC One crime drama, The Serpent, which arrives on screens at the turn of 2021, New Year’s Day. Starring Victoria’s Jenna Coleman, The Serpent tells the gripping story of murderer Charles Sobhraj. And, as a sign of great things to come, the hotly-anticipated Bridgerton finally drops on Netflix just before Christmas and it’s expected to make major waves in the year ahead.

So, if you’re already looking ahead to the next big thing on TV, take a peek at the 2021 TV shows that have got us talking before they’ve even hit screens.


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