Make It Famous – Howard Bloom “Einstein, Michael Jackson and Me: A Search for Soul in the Power Pits of Rock and Roll”

Howard Bloom is much more than an author. He is a revolutionary writer and has been relentlessly compared to Stephen Hawking, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, and pretty much the great minds of history. As the author of “Einstein, Michael Jackson and Me”, he continues to write history in the pages of one of the most exciting, enlightening, compelling and courageous books out on the market today.

Howard Bloom has been dubbed “the greatest press agent that rock and roll has ever known” by Derek Sutton, once the manager of Styx, Ten Years After and Jethro Tull. However Bloom, a scientist, became so quite accidentally, not knowing anything about rock and roll. Still he founded the biggest Public Relations company ever and built or sustained the most iconic legends ever including: Prince, Billy Joel, Billy Idol, ZZ Top, Joan Jett, Bette Midler, Bob Marley, Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, Supertramp, Chaka Khan, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Queen, Kiss, Grandmaster Flash, the Furious Five, Run DMC, Michael Jackson, and over a hundred others. In his manuscript “Einstein, Michael Jackson, and Me” he orgasmically captures innocence a kaleidoscope of vibrancy using a barrage of untold stories of these icons and superstars. He helped these household names become such. He created more polished versions of themselves, vanquishing their stains of yesterday.

The book slips into a door leading to the past. He taught these legends that if there were no path before them there was always a star to follow. He taught them to find the Gods within themselves. He taught them that with a single leap of faith an adventure begins, but he also taught us, those who have read the book, that Michael Jackson was an arc of humanity rather than an angel of darkness.

After encountering the soul of this book you might also wish to investigate the other writings of Howard Bloom which include: “How I Accidentally Started the Sixties”, “The God Problem”, “The Muhammad Code”, “The Lucifer Principle”, “The Genius of the Beast”, and “Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century.” Bloom is an adventure of innovation, a god of vision, a soulmate of the human race….

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