Right now, we’re all about escapist TV that transports us somewhere new and helps us switch off – these are our faves

Well, here we are again. As we find ourselves in yet another lockdown, you don’t need us to tell you that life can feel a bit overwhelming and anxiety-inducing right now. You’re not alone, we feel you.

What we’ve learnt from previous isolation periods is that the entertainment we surround ourselves with – books, film and TV, music – can be vital to keep our minds busy, prevent boredom, and generally lift our moods. That’s why, when it comes to our screens, we’ve been turning to self-care TV shows that take us around the world (i.e. to where we’d rather be), transport us somewhere new and help us switch off from a tough day. Because as much as we love a true crime doc or edge-of-your-seat horror flick, sometimes you just need a series to soothe your soul and whisk you away.

So, from around-the-world travel docs to dramas set in mind-blowing locations, we thought we’d share our favourite escapist TV shows to see you through lockdown 3.0 and beyond.

Up first is a brand new show we’ve been tuning into and recommending to all our pals – A Perfect Planet. Everyone’s favourite environmentalist and the nation’s grandad Sir David Attenborough once again transports us to some of the most magnificent places on the planet. In this new BBC documentary, he shows us how the great forces of nature keep life as we know it going, from volcanoes in mountainous regions to the searing sun blazing down on desert life.

Or if you’re after a gripping drama or laugh-out-loud comedy set in extraordinary filming locations, look no further than the likes of Sex Education (seriously, can we self-isolate in Gillian Anderson‘s house please?), The Wilds (being stranded on a desert island sounds quite good right now tbh) and Riviera (clue’s in the name).

So, throw on your comfiest loungewear, grab the snacks and cosy up with our pick of the best escapist TV shows available to stream now…


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