Kellyanne Conway Tells Bill Maher People Are Better Off Thanks To Trump; He Tells President, “Pack Your Sh-t And Go”

Kellyanne Conway denounced the storming of the Capitol and said she had insisted to President Trump for months that he’d lost the election, but otherwise found little common ground with Bill Maher over the legacy of the last four years.

“How do you look back now … anything go wrong?” the host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher asked Trump’s former and indefatigable senior counselor.

“Remember, a lot went right… People are better off and you can’t deny that,” Conway said of the man who wouldn’t wear a mask.” Well, Maher said, “A lot of them are dead.”

The comedian was back for his first show since before Thanksgiving. “Been on a kind of news diet Did anything big happen?” He asked. “Trump supporters taking the stairs? This is something that I never thought I would see in America.”

Testament to the searingly complex moment we’re in, Maher had few answers and fewer one liners than usual, taking the hour to raise questions — the same ones many of us are batting around — with his panelists Katie Couric and Matt Jones, Kentucky radio host and author of Mitch, Please!.

What will Mitch McConnell do? Will the Senate convict? Will Trump fade away or stick around? What’s his next move? Will an impeachment overly disrupt president-elect Joe Biden’s first 100 days? Couric said, sadly, she thinks television networks will be doing a “happy dance” if there’s a trial because it’s more Trump and he’s still great for ratings.

In case Trump happened to be watching, Maher had some advice, embedded in a custom made rhyming children’s book called  — Pack Your Shit And Go.

“All the votes have been counted, all the courts have said no. You’re all out of options. Now pack your shit and go.”

“It’s clear that you’re angry, that you’re feeling quite low. That feeling’s called losing. So pack your shit and go.”

“You treated your job like a reality show. Now it’s been canceled.”

“So pack your shit and go.”


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