Talent Brands Can Now Begin Crowdfunding on FanVestor, the Innovative Platform Designed Exclusively to Serve Celebrity-Related Businesses

Los Angeles, January 20, 2021 – FanVestor CF, LLC, a subsidiary of EdenLedger Inc. (d/b/a FanVestor), the owner of global fintech fan investment and commerce platform FanVestor.com, has received regulatory approval from FINRA to operate a registered funding portal, the announcement was made today by FanVestor CF CEO Michael Golomb.

FanVestor CF will be hosted on FanVestor.com to provide securities crowdfunding for business ventures and brands owned or supported by celebrities and influencers across the sports, esports, film, TV, fashion, music and art world as they expand their brand into projects in categories such as beauty and wellness, clothing, wine & spirits, and more.

In 2020, $239 Million was raised using Regulation Crowdfunding (“Reg CF”), and this amount could double in 2021, according to Crowdfund Insider.

“This is an opportunity for celebrities and influencers of all types to focus on their business endeavors or launch new ones,” comments FanVestor COO Larry Namer. “These are challenging times we are facing and FanVestor CF offers celebrities and their teams a way to expand their business focus by helping raise the needed capital to do so, while also connecting fans to their chosen celebrity-associated projects.”  FanVestor.com aims to be the one stop shop for all fan crowd activities and the agents, managers and lawyers who manage talent can feel confident that the people they are dealing with at FanVestor have a long history and experience with talent brands.

Presently, every 12 months, the maximum amount that can be raised by issuers under the Reg CF is $1.07 million. Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the limits to $5 million, which will go into effect soon.  Everyone over 18 is eligible to invest in Reg CF offerings subject to limits based on income, net worth or prior Reg CF investments.   These investments carry a high level of risk and are not liquid.

“Now with the approval from FINRA to offer securities to our clients, we can be the one stop shop for all of these activities, adds Namer. “So, the agents, managers and lawyers who manage talent can feel confident that the people they are dealing with at FanVestor have a long history and appreciation of celebrities being very valuable brands and that we will be protective of that.”

FanVestor CF has already received commitments for securities offering engagements from several talent brands, notably Fashinnovation, who will raise funds through a Reg CF offering to build out its platform as part of its mission to become the first go-to multimedia platform focused on innovation and sustainability in fashion – from supplier to designer.

FanVestor.com offers an all-in-one securities crowdfunding (through FanVestor CF), commerce, auction, and charity sweepstakes platform designed specifically to support the multitude ventures of celebrities. Founded by Michael Golomb, an innovator in the world of business and fintech, FanVestor’s robust technology platform will allow athletes, media and music celebrities, fashion icons, and artists to leverage their influence by offering their fans an opportunity to participate in their latest projects or charitable initiatives.  The company’s leadership team and Board of Directors is highlighted by former News Corp. executive Marty Pompadur, former CEO of Warner Brothers Music, Phil Quartararo, former President of Korea Telecom, Yung Kim, and Marvin Liao, former head of 500 StartUps Accelerator, along with several other successful executives.

Securities offered through FanVestor LLC funding portal, Member FINRA, 2055 Lombard St. #470217 San Francisco, CA 94147. Securities offered pursuant to SEC Regulation CF. Reg D and Reg A+ securities offerings are conducted through our affiliate, Dalmore Group LLC. This material does not constitute an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security. All investments involve risk including the potential for loss of principal invested and illiquidity. Investors are responsible for preforming their own due diligence and ensuring investments meet their level of risk tolerance, investment objectives and level investment knowledge.


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