Drum roll, please! The 2021 GLAMOUR Wellness Power List Award winners are here and they all have the power to change your life for the better…

After a year that’s tested way more than just the limits of our Wi-Fi, wellness has taken on an even greater role in our health and wellbeing – delivering a much-needed feel-good factor and, let’s be honest, some even more needed coping strategies for everyday life.

And that’s exactly why we’ve chosen to celebrate the best-in-class health, fitness and wellness heroes out there, in GLAMOUR’s first-ever Wellness Power List Awards.

The accolade-worthy products and brands that have the power to change our lives for the better, were nominated and shortlisted by the GLAMOUR team and a panel of 16 industry experts, renowned for their work and authority within the health, fitness and wellness spaces.

Our insiders include GP Dr Tosin Sotubo, founder of Mind Body Doctor, and Dr Hazel Wallace, author of the best-selling The Food Medic books, who shares her medical and nutritional smarts on Instagram. Celebrity PT Aimee Victoria Long and Clara Holmes, famous for her inspiring wheelchair fitness routines, sort out what really works when it comes to working out. Mental health nominations come from anxiety specialist Chloe Brotheridge; the world’s only comparison coach Lucy Sheridan; and body-positive activist Michelle Elman of @scarrednotscared. These are just some of the leading voices in sexual health, immunology, sleep, fertility and oral care, who contributed to these awards.

We covered it all, from the best workout wear and fitness tech to the best gut health immune boosters, mental health heroes, the self care saviours to chill with after a hard day, plus the sex tech and sleep aids – our team of experts hunted out the wellness stars to put to the vote.

Now, 288,435 votes by the GLAMOUR audience later, we finally have the winners – and there are some major brands and businesses among them.

So with a drum roll and scroll, meet the winners of the GLAMOUR Wellness Power List Awards 2021…


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