Deadline Now: See Cloris Leachman’s Oscar And Emmy-Winning Performances

[WATCH] Deadline Now: Cloris Leachman’s Award-Winning Performances – Deadline

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[WATCH] Deadline Now: Cloris Leachman's Award-Winning

Eight-time Emmy-winner Cloris Leachman died on Wednesday.

Leachman was best known for her role as Phyllis on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. But the onetime beauty queen was a fearless actress, throwing herself equally into broad comedy and heartrending drama.

Over her seven-decade career, the actress nearly stole the show in what’s been called the funniest film of all time, Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein.

On the other end of the spectrum, Leachman won the Supporting Actress Oscar for her masterful portrayal of a depressed housewife in Peter Bogdanovich’s The Last Picture Show.

Click on the video above to see some of her finest work.




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