What is Stereo app? This new social networking app rivals Clubhouse and is getting thousands of downloads every day

We’re not sure about you but we’re definitely spending A LOT more time on our phones than we ought to, something to do with lockdown 3.0 boredom. Although, we have a good excuse – there’s a swathe of recently-launched apps that have got us just a bit more addicted to our screens and here’s one that should definitely be on your radar.

It’s called Stereo and it’s the new social networking app that’s already been hailed as the next BIG thing. It dubs itself as the way to “discover live podcasts” enabling users to “join the conversation.”

In fact, it’s even being dubbed the new Clubhouse (and if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what Clubhouse is, please read our guide).

What is Stereo app?

Essentially, it’s a live social platform, allowing anyone who has downloaded and signed up to listen to and join in with live conversations anywhere in the world. You can choose the topics you love and in and engage with real people, be it a celebrity, musician or politician or a stranger with a similar interest or maybe just your pals. For anyone with a large profile, it gives them a chance to get personal with fans or followers.

The app also believes it “combats loneliness” by providing a platform “for debate and education; a destination for entertainment and fun; a vehicle to advance purpose and cause related campaigning; a catalyst to connect instantly and engage with your fan base; an opportunity to expand your network of friends and followers.”

What can you do on Stereo?

Stereo users can just listen in on live conversations, seek-out topics, and join conversations about issues and ideas that interest them. Stereo’s search feature means you can scroll through topics/genres/conversations or personalities that you enjoy the most. The app hosts thousands of live talk shows on a variety of genres including news, comedy and sports and users are free to choose whether to be a host, guest or simply to listen in on exclusive conversations.

One of the definite bonuses of the Stereo app is that has definitely simplified the podcasting process You can easily record conversations without a need for a studio or expensive mic set-up. The app puts the most interesting livestreams and springboards them to a larger audience so the best talkers quickly grow their fan base, Tik-Tok-style.

This is an entirely audio-based app so there’s no video and everything is live. Anyone listening in can cheer, send audio messages and queue up to be a potential next guest.

Why are people so obsessed with it?

Its website says the app gives people the ability to have “actual conversations with people… there’s no social media app that makes it easy to have or listen to conversations in real-time”.

Most of the reviews so far on the App and Google Play store are positive.

One user wrote, “This app is great for an impromptu conversation that you want to share with others. If you’ve ever wanted to create a podcast, but don’t have any of the gear, this app is definitely for you. It’s also full of great live conversations. When I downloaded it for the first time I spent 3 hours listening to the first conversation I came across. Having the ability to submit live comments and questions to other podcasters is also a great way to ‘scratch an itch’ if, like me, you enjoy a good debate.”

Another user said, “I really enjoy the fact that you can engage with your listeners and hear their voices unlike other platforms. Stereo just feels a lot more inclusive of everyone and in a crazy world where we are all feeling so isolated this is what we all need.”

One Stereo user shared a positive experience but warned users to “Watch out for perverts or low frequency people, there could be some out there but don’t let that destroy your experience.”

Is Stereo safe?

According to the app’s website, they do take user’s safety seriously. “Stereo is a public platform, therefore we give our listeners the ability to report users who they feel are discussing inappropriate or offensive topics as well as the ability to block profiles that they no longer want to be in contact with. We have a team of moderators who ensure Stereo Shows are free from hate speech and offensive content. We also work with local authorities to ensure our platform is safe for our users.”


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