Business Spotlight: Maria Tope Akinyele Ph.D. Founder of Agiri Learning Consultants

Maria Tope Akinyele Ph.D.  serves as the Assistant Director of Strategy and Innovation at the Danielson Group. She is also the founder Agiri Learning Consultants, a firm that has helped hundreds of school leaders and organizations embrace, strategize, and enact positive changes in their pursuits towards cultural responsiveness, racial equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion.  Dr. Akinyele is a Professional Learning Strategist, Education Designer and Organizational Development Specialist.  She draws upon her expertise in emotional intelligence, adult development, cultural responsiveness, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) to design professional learning experiences that enhance the capacity of leaders and their communities to deepen connections across cultures and maximize their impact.  As a thought leader, she develops tools and frameworks that supports leaders in creating culturally responsive, racially literate, and equitable schools and organizations.  As a professor at Teacher’s College Summer Principals Academy, she helps aspiring school leaders envision and implement equitable learning practices that empower youth and teachers with cultural competence and critical thinking tools.  She collaborates with leaders and organizations to not only imagine but create thriving learning communities where people are genuinely developing and moving towards the actualization of their organization’s mission, vision, and goals.

Dr. Akinyele holds a bachelor’s degree in History and Women Studies with a concentration in African American Studies from Williams College; a Ph.D. in Urban Education from the CUNY Graduate Center; a certificate in Organizational Development and Change Leadership from Georgetown University.  She is a certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor for

The official website for Agiri Learning Consultants may be found at


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