How has COVID-19 impacted physicians? What has Dr. Nooristani done to remain healthy?

A physician’s sense of failure with COVID-19, a personal story by Dr. Ahmad Nooristani: It has been almost 2 years since the first case of COVID-19 was identified, and yet I still feel the
knot in my stomach every day that I wake up to get ready to serve patients for work. Am I going to lose another patient to COVID? Will I have another hard conversation with families to let them know they lost a loved one? What if I contract COVID, bring it back to my family at home and put their lives at risk?

Unfortunately, the what-ifs continue until I arrive at the hospital, and then my thoughts get lost in focusing on caring for the sick ones. My mind shifts back to being in the moment and making hard decisions to lead and save lives. You are so afraid that you are going to make the wrong call and make costly mistakes, and the sense of failure sets in. The overwhelming, crashing sensation of inadequacy in caring for COVID patients due to lack of knowledge about the limited COVID disease and treatment options is slowly demoralizing.

The constant battle against the pride of saving someone’s life and the agony of failure in losing a patient has become a new way of life for me. Never, in more than a decade of work, have I felt so hopeless for my patients. I have never seen anything so devastating and destructive. This mind-numbing disease has taken so many away. Yet I keep going: to save so many other lives.

I remember those years in which losing a patient was so infrequent that I had time to decompress, analyze and spend some time in healing enough to be ok, but now it is a daily
event. I am mentally and physically pulled in so many ways that I become lost in the need to adapt to situations at hand, but how? I have taken an oath to keep people safe, and yet I can’t.

I know that I am not the only physician battling my demons of COVID, but I am conquering my fears and adapting. New medications create hope, and with hope, comes salvation. I know that I have to stay mentally and physically sharp. I exercise on a regular interval, both mentally and physically. I do my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle in every aspect of being a physician. I eat healthy, and with my recent discovery of some amazing supplements such as Balance7™, a high pH alkaline concentrate, I keep my mind and immune system in its optimal condition. By doing so, I stay in the front lines of the fight against the dreaded COVID for another day.

About Dr. Nooristani
CFO of Balance7 Dr. Ahmad Nooristani is a licensed medical doctor with 15 years of experience practicing medicine. He has been involved in recent breakthrough research in the
field of alternative medicine, enabling patients the opportunity to enjoy solutions unavailable until now. Working closely with so many patients every day motivated him to broaden research in finding a new path to healing what modern medicine has yet to accomplish. Dr. Nooristani understands that there are thousands—if not millions—of people struggling for years with low energy levels, exhaustion and general feelings of poor health. He is committed in helping those people to take control of their life. Dr. Nooristani strongly believes that Balance7 is one of the key factors in jumpstarting the journey to great health, serving its customers with natural and effective solutions to help them lead healthier lives.

Nonprofit Organization
A portion of proceeds from the purchase of Balance7 will be donated to nonprofit organizations (, striving to deliver healthcare to uninsured population free of charge.

SLO Noor Foundation ( has been operational for the past 10 years, delivering more than $30 million worth of free medical, dental and
vision care to the uninsured population in Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo counties and surrounding areas. Thousands of lives have been saved over the years simply by caring for those in desperate need of health care.

Saviehealth ( is opening its door for the uninsured population in Santa Barbara and surrounding counties to bridge the gap and deliver high quality medical services, free of charge, with an expected launch in winter 2021/22. Both nonprofits are operational in large part because of volunteers, including healthcare workers such as physicians and nurses.

Commitment to Optimal Health
Balance7 ( is a pH balancing supplement, designed to provide a burst of alkalinity. This dietary supplement is a highly alkalizing concentrate liquid from a proprietary mix of safe, organic minerals with a pH of 11+. This high level of alkalinity, when consumed according to the recommended guidelines, can reduce a build-up of acid in the body. With this
dangerous acid out of the way, the body is free and better able to heal itself, balance pH levels, reduce acid build-up, and maintain a healthy immune system.

“The Balance7 Mission is to educate and inform customers about the danger of acidosis,
understanding acid-base balance in their bodies, and the relation of acidosis to a
multitude of chronic health problems.” Dr. Ahmad Nooristani 

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