The Best Wealth Advice From The Top Guru’s Of 2022

Living a rich life depends less on money and more on fulfillment. Interestingly, by focusing on the latter, all manner of wealth begins to flow into our lives, as if the universe aligns to grant our deepest desires. Revealed by Napoleon Hill in ‘Think And Grow Rich’ in 1937, the secret to wealth creation was discovered via a series of interviews with some of the most successful business personalities in history. 

The truth that eludes so many aspiring nouveau riche, is that by being of service to others – by focusing on solving their problems – your own service perpetually increases in value. Consider the most successful people in the world, who continue to build wealth and more importantly, life-fulfillment. The ‘secret’ to their life success lies in purpose – they add richness to the lives of others, and are duly rewarded in return. 

“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity” – Leo Tolstoy. 

Adopting a shift in focus to ‘serve your way through anything’ is one of the fundamental pieces of advice reciprocated by the corps d’elite of wealth creation.

Here is the best advice to ensure you remain in service to others while growing your wealth: 

Barbie Layton: Why Generosity And Play Attracts Money

Best-selling author, TV show host ‘You Are Amazing’, and heart-centered entrepreneur, Barbie Layton shares; “By keeping money out of it, your true essence of pure heartedness comes through and you manifest the money with ease, instead of force and fear.”

She believes that humanity comes first. Leading by example, Barbie connects people to charities and NGOs to actively find solutions to the world’s biggest problems. The notion of ‘give to get’ has evolved to focus almost entirely on giving alone, which is grounded in abundance, community, and conscious wealth creation.

By incorporating play into her business, Barbie has managed to anchor deeper into her imagination, resulting in a heightened sense of joy and a higher internal operating frequency. With new levels of energy and commitment to her work, the return has increased exponentially. 

Her best piece of advice: “It’s all fun and high frequencies that will help you manifest money and wealth!”

Tarryn Reeves: Be The Person Who Does Good With Money

“Good money in the hands of good people changes the world”, shares Tarryn Reeves, Mother, CEO, and Best Selling Author. Her belief around money is rooted in changing herself, her family, and her community first.

Cultivating financial literacy and new wealth awareness that heals old money stories that have kept good people from earning good money, stops now. According to Reeves “Doing good with money begins in the home.”

Can we learn to live with greater levels of integrity – particularly in relation to money – and lead our children from an embodied place, to positively influence family, community, and the world?

Her best piece of advice: “You can have it all if you demand it to be so. Be willing to live it, to breath it, to teach it and share it”

Leah Steele: Holistic Alignment Equals Wealth Advancement

According to Steele; “Wealth is not just financial in nature.” When we understand this, our relationship and attachment to money dissolve and become more fluid, in turn advancing our ability to generate wealth, in every aspect of our lives.

Leah Steele is a Holistic Wealth Strategist, Thought Leader, CEO, and creator of The Emotional Resonance Clearing Modality. Her purpose is to inspire and empower millions of people to wake up, repattern their wealth programming, and reclaim their divine right to BE WEALTHY in all areas of their lives.

When women choose whole-wealth living, they holistically address the areas of their life that require nourishment, healing, and growth. For example; taking care of your body gives you the energy to be better connected to ‘God, The Universe, Source’ for guidance, creativity, and the ability to consistently prioritize serving.

A powerful mantra she shares for you to leverage in your own expansion process: “In the wealth game, I am the most powerful creator in my reality and I am my only guarantee.”

In Closing

As roles of influence change, so too do our relationships with money. An energy exists, circulating throughout our planet allowing us to create positive change, and to evoke deeper levels of understanding and connection amongst people. 

Developing financial literacy skills to heal wealth wounds puts people before profit, ultimately leading to more fulfillment and newfound ease with which to accumulate the one resource that truly does make the world go round.



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