10 Tips to Align the Mind, Body & Soul and Achieve Success with LaJune Singleton

Some people seem to attract success and thrive in all circumstances, while others seem to only
navigate from one failing relationship or business venture to the next. The difference between
triumph and loss is simple and revealed in the heralded book, ‘Releasing My Trauma: The
Root of Self-Sabotage’ by LaJune Singleton, MPH.

Singleton is a board-certified health coach, nutritional lifestyle coach, advance personal trainer,
mindset strategist, podcaster, and author. For more than 10 years of experience she has
continued to help busy career women busy career women in areas of obesity, chronic illnesses,
physical health, injury recovery, trauma, and behavioral change to live a more successful and
healthy life. Singleton’s passion for educating, advocating and helping individuals transcends
beyond her own experience and breakthrough formula applied by the most successful of

“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.”

– Charles Kingsleigh

Formula for Success

Singleton’s book and company stand apart in her ability to deeply reach people who do not
understand how releasing their fears and past are the root to self-sabotaging behaviors.

Inspired by her own experience and trauma, Singleton reaches girls and women alike to teach
the strategies to overcome grief, depression, suicidal thoughts, molestation, sexual assault,
injury recovery, and abandonment that has contributed to their self-sabotaging behaviors.

Singleton’s mission and ultimate formula for success is to empower girls, families and
women to become healthier—mentally, physically and nutritionally—by gaining the courage to come to terms with releasing their past.

Lessons Learned

Some of the most successful, peaceful, and strongest people—mentally, emotionally and
professionally—have actually endured the most struggle and overcome. By falling, failing and
rising back up, one learns resilience and determination. By being scorned and betrayed, can
one learn to move on and begin again. By feeling sad and depressed, one can appreciate the
value in choosing happiness.

Singleton’s strength, wisdom and success garnered comes from decades of experience, growth,
and education to hone her impactful guidance she has been applying to help others stuck in a
cycle of self-sabotage.

Singleton’s mission is in helping others with the blockages and
moving toward improving well-being—physical, emotional, and overall health.
She also focuses on changing mindset, avoiding negative eating behavior,
and successfully losing weight with online and/or in-person services.

Take a closer look at some of the most valuable lessons learned in life and through her years in

1. Don’t manifest what you want, manifest who you are.
2. Through forgiveness, one can let go.
3. Start pouring into one’s self and investing in healing.
4. Holding onto the past affects health—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
5. Living in the past is the ultimate result of self-sabotaging behaviors.
6. Come to terms with trauma through self-awareness, therapy, counseling, coaching, or
7. Realign negative thoughts, behaviors and words with positivity.
8. Embark on a successful journey by living in the present, not the past or the future.
9. The past does not define us. Turn trauma and tragedy into triumph.
10. Find daily inner peace with a moment of stillness, peace, silence, meditation, and

Singleton places a gentle lens on guiding the mind, body and soul to achieve happiness and

Making Healthy Choices

Living a long and healthy life is an obvious desire for many, but consciously working to achieve
that goal is another. Taking proactive steps toward this common goal is simple with a specific
plan by a lifestyle coach who can guide what to eat and avoid, balance nutrition and achieve
adequate exercise as well as portion control. Another great strategy is to overhaul the kitchen
and stock the pantry with healthy foods and snacks to set-up for success.

Fast-Track to Fit

Many people start exercising and give up after feeling unmotivated, bored or simply lacked the
self-discipline to remain committed. Working with a fitness coach means receiving a safe and
effective, goal-oriented exercise training program that is tailored per specific fitness level to help
improve power and strength to transform the overall physique.

Health & Wellness Journey

A specific wellness plan can be integrated into daily life to make winning a way of life by
learning about choices and transforming mindset.

Evaluate strengths and the status of health throughout health and wellness program.
* Facilitate actions that to help achieve specific goals.
* Become accountable for choices and goals.
* Work through barriers to make behavior changes.
* Focus on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health by regrouping, relaxing,
recharging, refreshing, and creating plans for the rest of the year.

The ultimate result is to emerge with a positive mindset by taking on challenges to reach
individual goals.

Website & Social Media

Website: www.lajunesingleton.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamlajunesingleton
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lajune-singleton
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lajunesingleton & https://www.facebook.com/LStarlitt
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht-nKxWyFt-lnVRiL69T1g
& https://bit.ly/2UOBurP


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