New Business Venture for Aaron Carter and Checkthestar

Miguel Garcia, otherwise known as Checkthestar, is an upcoming artist from Tampa, Florida. Musicians typically sign to a record label, but Check landed himself the same opportunity at his own beat.

“It’s happening right now, like very rapidly, and I’ve only been in California for a month,” said Check.

A unique musical agreement with Aaron Carter was made  and a check was cut!

“If I’m a fan of something, why not be a part of it?” said Carter.

Check leads with a sense of unity which he creates through self-love. The community that he has brought together was made possible through social media. His online presence has attracted fans, skeptics, and unexpected connections.

Jokergangang is an influencer who uses his platform to amplify like-minded voices. He introduced Check to his audience on Instagram Live. Check’s live sessions went on to become a community.

“I’m trying to switch it up, change the genre, connect people that are doing music with music, and connect good people with good people,” said Jokergangang.

When he lost his Instagram account, his influence fell with it. Recovering his following was crucial, and Check did not hesitate to support his endeavors. Jokergangang was able to rebuild his following and another unexpected opportunity presented itself.

Big Drift is another character who was added to the community after discovering Jokergangang on Instagram Live. He assumed a father figure role to Check. Also looking up to him is Mike Ball, an amputation survivor and the co-host for DemonsRowPodcast.

“They brought their culture into my life, and I brought my life into their culture, not knowing anything about a bike or ever getting on it,” said Check.

This is a community that exists on shared success, resilience, and the ability to get back up. When Check served 18 months in prison for possession of marijuana, his mother died.

“Other people feel the pain as well. That’s why my music goes from so sad to so hype and fun- because I want to show both sides,” said Check.

He doesn’t define himself as a songwriter. Check doesn’t need a notepad to create his melodic sound, he simply shows up to the studio and it happens. The rapper has shared the stage with Caskey, Ski Mask the Slump God, Members Only, Machine Gun Kelly, Dq4equis, and many more. He stays prepared by remaining present-minded and concentrating on his goals.

“As long as you’re aware of your growth and you continue to grow, there’s always another direction that you’re headed,” said Check.

Being an influencer is another hat that he wears well. The attention he draws to himself has landed him on WorldStar and Judge Mathis, but ill-wishes and doubt-laced comments fuel his popularity.

“What I’ve not only heard, but I’ve experienced, is that for some reason, negativity gains more attention than positivity,” said Check.

“Mental pimping” is Check’s terminology for manipulating negativity into positivity. Whether he is holding a microphone or going live on Instagram, Check does everything except stop.

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