Do Revenge: Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes team up in official trailer for dark teen comedy

Do Revenge is the hotly-anticipated new movie that is hot on everyone’s lips right now.

The dark comedy will soon come to Netflix, and recently released its first official trailer, and by the looks of it, sets to give a glossy Gen-Z take on popular nineties and early noughties teen vengeance movies such as Heathers, Mean Girls and Cruel Intentions.

Before fully understanding the plot, it’s important to note that Do Revenge will draw in huge audiences straight off the back, thanks to its cast, who are very current in the mainstream entertainment industry.

Firstly, we have Stranger Things star Maya Hawke, who is the daughter of Hollywood heavyweights Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. She is joined by Camila Mendes, most famously known for the horror crime drama television series Riverdale.

These ladies join forces to offer what looks like a very satisfying film that focuses on the art of cheeky high-school revenge – and we’re sure, learning many more lessons along the way. So what exactly do you need to know about Do Revenge? Let GLAMOUR UK help you out…

What is the plot of Do Revenge?

Do Revenge basically centres on two polar opposite girls who team up to get revenge on those who made their lives a living hell.

Camila takes on the role of Drea – a former popular girl at her school whose reputation is left in tatters after her boyfriend releases their sex tape.


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“I spent seventeen years meticulously curating the perfect life. I had the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend, but do you know where all of that got me? Absolutely destroyed,” she explains in the trailer.


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