These are the best ottoman beds for a chic and hidden storage solution

Cons: No option to add on a footboard if a sleigh bed is your bag.

Customers are saying: N/A

GLAMOUR star rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

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How does the GLAMOUR star rating system work?

1/5 – Not one you’re likely to see in our guides, as we aim to curate a list of only the best products. That said, a 1/5 rating would mean the product fails on value for money, quality, performance and how consumers reviewed it.
2/5 – Again, not likely to be included in our buying guides, a 2/5 would mean the product is a let down across most factors, perhaps excelling in one field e.g. value for money.
3/5 – A 3/5 would mean the product is passable, perhaps a good choice if you’re on a more modest budget, but leaves room for improvement. For instance, this could be an ottoman bed that has plenty of storage space, but the bed’s pistons and lift mechanisms have – according to customer reviews – a reputation for being a bit clunky and/or failing.
4/5 – A 4/5 would mean the ottoman bed is near perfect, with faults only small and easy to overlook. For instance, a storage bed that ticks all the boxes, but doesn’t have a foam padded headboard.
5/5 – A 5/5 rating means the product, website and company are all perfect. We will never give a product a five-star rating if it has a single fault that we’re aware of, so look out for these, they’re rather rare!

How did we test and review the best ottoman beds?

By using product reviews from customers combined with data on what you’ve been searching for, as well as checking thoroughly to see which products feature high-quality versus less durable materials, we curated what we feel is a selection of the best ottoman beds and storage beds on the market for year-round use. We’ve rifled through the good and bad comments, so you don’t have to, not to mention we – as a team of fashion, interiors and beauty experts – happen to know a thing or two about which brands have earned their respective places as the best in the business. Plus, with a team of 30+ here at GLAMOUR HQ, of course some of us have trialled an ottoman bed or two, so we have some dos and don’t knowhow, too. Our aim is to find you pieces which will last and, should anything about a product signal that that’s not the case, you’ll be the first to know – happy shopping!

What does gas-lift hydraulics mean? 

It’s basically the same mechanism used for car boots: to open most car boots, all you need to do is pull a handle, which triggers the boot to lift up at a slow, steady pace. Likewise, for most ottoman beds, releasing the safety straps will trigger the upward motion of the mechanism, causing the mattress to lift up and revealing all that lovely extra space.  

Is side or end ottoman better?

It’s recommended to think about where in your room you will position your ottoman bed before buying. For example, if the foot of your bed is directly against a wall, it would probably be sensible to opt for a side-lift ottoman bed. 


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