Beyoncé’s crinkle water waved hair was worth the wait at the 2023 Grammys

Another day of world dominance for Queen B.

How to get the look:

Water waves are all the craze but can be achieve with different hair textures and hair lengths. Celebrity hair and makeup artist, Chris Georges tells GLAMOUR that mermaid waves are his number one most requested tutorial because so many of us are looking to switch to the style.

“To achieve the look, I use a flat iron starting a few inches from the top of the head, and make bends in the hair in alternating directions,” he says. “Remember, you don’t want to drag the flat iron. Remove your flat iron from the hair before bending in a new direction. This will make your mermaid waves last all day long.” Using this technique means you can customise your waves giving them a more lived-in, natural vibe, he adds.

We’ve also seen people using three-tonged crimpers like the Babyliss Triple Barrel Waver (£45) and Mermade Pro Waver (£54) to achieve the style. Just remember, the bigger the barrel the bigger the wave, so if you want tighter kinks, go for a smaller barrel.

Hair pro Amy Baines also shared with GLAMOUR her top tips to achieve something close to these crinkled water waves.“For this look I use a straightener, angled down the hair and hugging the face, then a lift off at every bend,” she says. 

Alternatively there is always the tool free option: “You can totally achieve this style by sleeping in braided damp hair,” explains Amy. “When you wake up, run a straightener over the braid [to slightly intensify and set the kinks] and undo it for a wavy look.” Or to keep things even simpler, “you could also just twist your hair and run a straightener over the twist to achieve a similar style,” Amy adds. 

If it’s good enough for B, it’s good enough for us.

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