Beacon Audiobooks Releases “Memory Cards” By Author Michael K. Brantley

 Memory Cards” is a journey down a dusty rural road, but also back in time to where as late as the 1980s, neighbors still used mules for transportation and outhouses for other necessities. There is plenty to see, hear, and smell, from the oppressive heat and pungent smell of row upon row of tobacco to the mobile library that brought air conditioning and the aroma of paper, glue, and binding each week of the summer. The author grew up in a functional family, but with different interests than his siblings, particularly ones that offered unknown prospects.

As the road from the farm widens, listeners encounter firebrand preachers, snake-handling churches, guns, baseball, Baptists, Coca-Cola, Elvis, suicides, mysterious deaths, PTSD, houses inhabited by haints, pork barbecue, tea cookies, cornbread, fishing, arrowheads, ice hockey, and basketball.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Memory Cards” written by author Michael K. Brantley and narrated by Charlie Weirauch III.

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