Pinball Machine Soundtracks Are Coming to Vinyl

Funhouse pinball machine

Funhouse pinball machine (Kathryn Scott Osler/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Pinball Machine Soundtracks Are Coming to Vinyl

Two compilations collect the music traditionally emanating from the speakers of ’80s and ’90s era machines

If you’re the sort of person who wants your stereo system to suddenly sound like an arcade from the early ’90s, two new compilations have you covered. Jackpot Plays Pinball is a two-volume series that collects the music featured in popular pinball machines from the ’80s and ’90s, and specifically those manufactured by Bally and Williams. They’re out June 23.

The first volume features music from the games Black Knight 2000, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Attack From Mars, Taxi, and Pinbot. The second volume collects the songs you’d hear in Funhouse, Medieval Madness, Theatre of Magic, Banzai Run, and Fish Tales. Find a trailer below.


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