The Idol: Lily-Rose Depp & The Weeknd Star In Euphoria director’s new show: All The Details

And The Weeknd has also confirmed that the show is actually a semi-biographical look at his meteoric rise to success in the music industry. There are some elements based on true stories, but the characters and scenarios are fictional.

Who stars in The Idol?

Initially, The Weeknd was cast alongside Lily-Rose Depp in two lead roles, but they’re not the only famous faves on the roster. Other notable names include Troye Sivan (famous YouTuber turned singer), Debby Ryan (American actor), Rachel Sennot (comedian), Steve Zissis (Together) and Harrie Nef (from Amazon’s original series, Transparent).

It was then announced last October that Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy (who featured in the most recent clip shared by The Weeknd this week) would be joining the cast.

Oh, and K-Pop star Jennie Kim was also announced to be appearing too, thanks to her brief appearance in the newly released trailer for the show. HBO subsequently confirmed Jennie’s participation via Twitter. “Jennie Kim has been cast in #THEIDOL,” it said. Given that Jennie announced her casting after Seimetz’s departure, it is likely she will still be a part of the production.

Whether any of the other cast members have shifted due to the production disruption is yet to be confirmed – however, it’s believed “talent with noteworthy names remained”, according to Rolling Stone.

Does The Idol have a trailer yet?

We have shared the new trailer above.

But, the first raunchy teaser trailer debuted last year on 16 July 2022, first shown by Abel during his After Hours Til Dawn concert while performing at the Metlife stadium.

The short but eventful teaser brandishes the claims of “the sleaziest love story”, and if the trailer is anything to go by – it is! It opens to chants of “Lick it, spank it, drop it” and “more, more, more orgy!”. The teaser then launches into a hyperactive montage of Hollywood mansions, colourful parties, cocaine ingestion and fast cars.


A third teaser aired in October 2022, which featured a scantily-clad Depp in a succession of outfits, walking amid cameras, with an unknown speaker announcing they are “worried she is having another psychotic break”. There’s also a BDSM-esque scene of Tesfaye and Depp, with the former announcing, “I need full control, no matter f*cking what”. It’s soundtracked to the tune of a slowed-down cover of Donna Summer’s “Love To Love You Baby”.

Does The Idol have a release date?

The Idol will premiere for US viewers on 4 June on HBO Max and 5 June for UK viewers on Sky and NOW TV.


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