Princess Of Wales And Hailey Bieber Have Been Built Up Just To Tear Down

Just two weeks ago at King Charles III coronation, The Princess of Wales was described as ‘perfection’. Despite Prince Harry’s claims that his sister-in-law isn’t a fan of sharing lip gloss, it was clear from media coverage and internet commentary that on the same day Charles got his crown, Kate became the real queen of our hearts.

Fast forward to this week, however and Kate is now being labelled “manipulative” for that very same appearance we praised her for. Her crime? Apparently, she made the entire ceremony about herself. Definitely nothing to do with the online commentary analysing everything from her eyeliner to her time keeping.

Like many famous women before her, Kate’s real offense was receiving too much positive feedback. So of course, her follow up surprise Eurovision performance had to be met with claims she faked her piano skills and tweets that, “She should stick to doing angry looking photos in posh carriages.” Clearly uninformed that women can have multiple talents and facial expressions.

Then there was The Little Mermaid controversy, because apparently it wasn’t enough for just Halle Bailey to shoulder all the online hate from Disney adults.

Page Six reported that the film contained “comparisons between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry” and claimed that one scene contained a direct dig at Kate.

The scene in question is where Eric tries to guess Ariel’s name after she gave up her voice to that darn sea witch, Ursula. According to Page Six, his first guess was ‘Diana’, followed by ‘Katherine’ which apparently was received with disgust. Of course, the online narrative quickly spread, with everyone reporting the latest Kate ‘controversy’.

This anti-Kate online narrative continued, with another reference to Kate in new Amazon Prime spy-action series, Citadel, which despite being one of the most expensive TV series to ever make, is not immune to misogynistic scripting.

Throw in the fact that the actor who says the line, “You might as well have asked me how to get between the legs of the Duchess of Cambridge,” is Priyanka Chopra – one of Meghan Markle’s friends – and you have the perfect environment to once again pit two women against one another.

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