Review: Stevie B “Take It All Back”

Freestyle Royalty Stevie B has recently released a smashing new hit “Take It All Back” reminding one of the freestyle era when music was exciting and at its best. In a world where happiness has become a social duty and sadness a public offense, life opens up repeatedly into a carousel masquerade of faking.  Stevie B and his new song are the real deal….

Our days are like a kaleidoscope. Every instant a change takes place, new harmonies, new contrasts, new combinations and nothing ever happens twice alike. “Take It All Back” is a triumph for Stevie B on many different levels. First it reminds us of the huge hits he’s already charted, and  a platinum acknowledgment for including “Party Your Body”, “Spring Love”, “Waiting For Your Love”, “”Dream About You”, “Because I Love You” and a barrage of others.

Secondly, it gives this generation a taste of what the freestyle era was about. It was fun, it was alive. It was explosive. Those who missed it now get a chance to sample it.

Third, it’s a chance that perhaps it will re-awaken those days and we will have the benefit of more free style music that is actually new.

Forth, Stevie B has still got it. “Take It All Back” is a song that stands alone as a great song. It also features the iconic artist Pitbull which,of course adds to the mystique. Hopefully we will hear more from Stevie B in the future as far as new releases.

Watch the “Take It All Back” (DJ Sama Remix) lyric video produced by Tolga Katas here:

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