Dispatches From The Picket Lines Day 38: A Bike Strike & A ‘Daisy Jones’ Listening Party

The day after New York-based pickets were canceled for the week because of smoke, the gathering at Warner Bros. in Los Angeles was a bit smaller on Thursday, with less than 50 people gathering in support of the WGA strike.

One bright spot was the so-called “Bike Strike” protest that rolled through. That strike action took the form of a rolling protest of bicyclists who planned to make their way “from Radford to Amazon,” with stops at Warners to Disney and then over the hill Netflix. In all, organizers estimated it at 27 miles, “all downhill-ish!” Plus a stop at Swingers for Lunch.

At NBCUniversal there was more energy as the writers of Daisy Jones & the Six turned out as picketers staged a cover-to-cover listening party of Aurora, the show’s soundtrack album from its eponymous band.

The listening party was coordinated by Judalina Neira, who is the supervising producer on Daisy Jones. She’s also the lot coordinator for the NBCU picket line. Katie has audio interview.

“The fastest way to make the time go on the picket lines just to have great hits,” Neira told Deadline of the idea. “So I reached out to a bunch of my coworkers on Daisy Jones and ask them if they might be willing to come out and like do a special little listening party. It’s just like when you know all the songs it makes everything makes everything just like feel so good.”

Asked about the challenges of picketing outside studios and networks, especially in the Valley where everything’s so spread out, Neira said, “I think that’s partly why we do these types of fun, special-themed pickets is like to draw people out and to have not just the same old signs that you can kind of easily look past everyday.”


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