Zendaya Wants To Play A Villain In A Future Project & Hopes To Direct One Day

Zendaya is talking about her hopes and dreams for the future of her career and it involves playing a villain and going behind the camera.

The Dune and Euphoria star sat down with Elle for an interview before the SAG-AFTRA strike where no question was off the table. One of the questions was about what type of role she would like to do in the future.

“I would love to play a villain of sorts,” she answered. “Tap into the evil, supervillain vibes. Whatever that manifests in, I don’t think necessarily in a superhero sense, I just mean in like an emotional sense.”

She continued, “I feel like I usually play the good guy, so I’d like to play the bad guy.”

If Zendaya was not acting she gave two options, one within the entertainment industry and one if she wasn’t in the industry.

“I think within the industry, I would be a director, which is something I hope to do one day,” she said. “And I think outside, I feel like I would have probably followed in the footsteps of my parents and become a teacher. I love kids, I love learning and I love teaching.”

Zendaya also recalled her earliest memory of performing and it happened when she was about seven or eight years old. The star said she auditioned for a school play despite being “incredibly shy,” something she is proud of herself for doing.

“It was James and the Giant Peach. I got a non-speaking role,” she recalled. “I was the silkworm, which means that I literally laid on the stage and did absolutely nothing because the silkworm doesn’t speak. But, I feel very proud of that still to this day. That was my first role. No such thing as small parts.”

Watch Zendaya’s complete interview in the video below.


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