A Korean Root Perm Is TikTok’s Trendiest New Hair Treatment

MyeongDong does advise against getting a root perm if your hair is damaged from colour or previous chemical treatment to avoid further damage.

What is involved in a root perm appointment?

A root perm appointment starts with a consultation. Tang recommends coming in with your hair air-dried so stylists can properly assess your natural texture. “It’s important to discuss how often the client is willing to maintain the hair, what their personal styling and hair-care routine looks like, and discuss realistic expectations for post-appointment maintenance,” says Tang. There’s no need to wash your hair before the appointment either; you’ll get a full wash and condition after the treatment.

Once the client and stylist are aligned, the rest of the appointment follows these steps:

Step 1: Hair is sectioned and the hairstylist applies a specialist perming solution to the root area. The stylist determines the number of sections based on the density of the client’s hair.

Step 2: Once the perming solution has been applied to each section, the treated sections are wrapped around perm rods or curlers, with clips to secure them in place.

Step 3: The perming solution and rods are left on for varying durations of time depending on the desired level of curl or wave. The longer the solution stays in the wavier the results will be. The average time is about 20 minutes.

Step 4: The stylist removes the perm rods and rinses out the perming solution, then applies a neutralizing solution to set the new shape.

Step 5: Lastly, the hair is shampooed, conditioned, and styled.

Once you leave the salon stylists warn against getting your hair wet for at least 48 hours to avoid disturbing the results of the perm.

The stylists we spoke to highly advise against trying this treatment at home. Anytime you are applying chemicals to your scalp and hair, it’s best left to the pros. That said, you no longer have to catch a flight to get a root perm. Any hairstylist who does perms could do this treatment, but you’re more likely to see it on the menu in Korean salons.

Before and after picture of a root perm.

Seoul MyeongDong

How long does a root perm last?

The longevity of a root perm can vary depending on factors like hair type and maintenance. “On average, a root perm can last anywhere from two to six months depending on the hair type,” says Tang. He recommends going for a touch-up when you start to see new growth at your roots. Regardless, that’s a lot longer than even the very best blowout.

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