Celebrity Coming Out Stories: 29 Of The Most Inspiring

Celebrity coming out stories are major and serve as a major inspiration for us. I mean, in general, coming out can be the most pivotal moment in any gay person’s life. Being honest about the real you and sharing it with your nearest and dearest can often be daunting and, in some unlucky instances, met with difficulty.

Whether they’re telling their family or the wider public, celebrities are, of course, not immune. From Elliot Page’s identity struggles before coming out as a trans man to Cynthia Erivo speaking about coming out later in life, everyone has had to navigate their own journey. Whether it be Ellen DeGeneres‘ brave reveal on her sitcom years ago or Heartstopper star Kit Connor reclaiming his power after coming out in a way he did not expect, here are the 29 celebrity coming out stories to inspire you…


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