This Mango Bomber Jacket Is The Only Coat You Need This Season (Trust Us!)

Without meaning to sound remotely dramatic, I think I’ve just discovered the only coat I’ll need this season.

Despite the bomber jacket proving one of the most popular silhouettes of the season, thanks to my loyalty to long outerwear and long outerwear alone I predicted that this would just be one of those trends that passed me by. And that was fine. Even as a Fashion Editor, I don’t have to be personally drawn into every new fashion trend. That would be one incredibly expensive vocation.

Unexpectedly, however, I found myself inexplicably drawn to one in particular during one of my recent daily peruses of the Mango website.

Satin, ivory, quilted, round-necked and longer than almost all of its contemporaries, it took everything I associated with traditional bomber jackets (cropped, leather or a shiny polyester, black and with an elasticated waistband) and switched out every element for something a whole lot cleaner and more contemporary. A bomber jacket for the more minimalist, grown-up wardrobe, if you will.

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Styled by the Mango team with a simple ivory slip skirt and vest top it’s the perfect way to experiment with the ‘winter whites’ trend that’s everywhere right now, but – for those of you who are as terrified of coffee spills as I am – it looks just as chic paired with everything from charcoal jeans and boots to a blue denim midi skirt, cargo pants or even a tailored navy trouser.

In fact, it looks good with just about everything in any wardrobe. Which is why it was the first thing I packed in my suitcase recently for my week-long fashion week trip to Paris.

I was picturing it with my favourite white jeans and sneakers running from show to show, thrown over my shoulders with a slip dress and heavy boots for a fun dinner, and used as a much-needed pillow on the Eurostar home (yes, it’s that quilted).

Unfortunately for me it was 28 degrees in Paris, and a super cosy, padded jacket was about as welcome as the news of the city’s bed bug infestation. But it did facilitate the most comfortable nap I’ve ever had whilst travelling.

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