Rap Icon Twista and recording artist Seraphina Sanan drops collaborative Rap/ Metal Music Video “Nothing” through Universal

Twista, the renowned Chicago-born turbo rap legend, has recently collaborated with 15-year-old rock singer Seraphina Sanan on a new genre-blended track titled “Nothing.” This unexpected collaboration highlights Twista’s ability to explore different musical spaces and work with artists from diverse backgrounds. In this article, we delve into their creative collaboration and the unique fusion of rap and metal that they have brought to the music scene.


Twista’s Musical Legacy:

Twista’s rap career has been marked by the release of timeless tracks and captivating collaborations. From his solo projects to his ventures with other artists, Twista has consistently pushed boundaries and showcased his versatility. His willingness to experiment with various genres is evident in songs like “Overnight Celebrity,” which blended soulful violins, and “Slow Jamz,” a blues record that earned a Grammy nomination. Twista’s dedication to creating timeless music has solidified his place as a rap legend.


Seraphina Sanan’s Rising Star:

Seraphina Sanan, a talented 15-year-old rock singer, brings a fresh perspective to the music industry. Despite her young age, she already boasts over a decade of experience in songwriting and music production. Her first single had a pop rock feel, and the second, had an arena-rock feel of yesteryear, but her collaboration with Twista demonstrates her range and ability to cross genres. Seraphina draws inspiration from her favorite rock and metal influences, using her music to address powerful issues that are often neglected in other genres.


The Collaborative Experience:

Working with Twista was an incredible experience for Seraphina. She expressed her admiration for the rap legend, highlighting the shared focus on addressing powerful issues through their music. Seraphina believes that rap and metal share a common ground in exploring themes that other genres might shy away from. By teaming up with Twista, she was able to showcase her genre-blending abilities and expand her musical range.


Twista’s Appreciation for Collaboration:

Twista acknowledged the value of collaborating with up-and-coming artists like Seraphina. Despite his established status in the music industry, Twista remains open to working with emerging talents. He sees the collaboration as a blessing and appreciates the resonance it brings, both for himself and the artists he collaborates with. Twista’s willingness to collaborate showcases his commitment to supporting and uplifting the next generation of musicians.


Seraphina Sanan’s Promising Future:

With her boundary-pushing approach to music, Seraphina is positioned to become a leading voice of her generation. Her eclectic sound defies easy categorization, drawing attention from industry heavyweights like Twista and Toxic of Toxic Productions. Through her music, Seraphina tackles critical challenges and narratives shaping tomorrow’s generation, bringing raw and real perspectives to the forefront.



The collaboration between Twista and Seraphina Sanan on the track “Nothing” showcases the beauty of blending rap and metal genres. Twista’s willingness to explore new musical territories and collaborate with emerging artists like Seraphina demonstrates his commitment to making timeless music. As Seraphina continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions, her unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics position her as a rising star to watch out for.


Fans can check out their collaborative track and music video on all streaming platforms now plus the music video, produced by Twin Voyage Production, filmed on location in the artists’ hometown of Chicago. Stay tuned for bonus tracks set to release along with music videos also produced by Twin Voyage Production. Follow @seraphina.sanan on TikTok and Instagram for exciting updates, behind-the-scenes footage, upcoming releases, and more. , and stay tuned for more exciting releases from both artists.


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