Ryan ‘Mr. Lively’ Reynolds Makes Appearance As Deadpool With Hugh Jackman’s Broken Emmy To Accept Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney won five awards at the Creative Arts Emmys for Welcome to Wrexham, the FX series that follows the duo buying the third oldest professional soccer club in the world.

In an acceptance speech Reynolds shared on social media, he appears dressed as Deadpool, holding Hugh Jackman’s broken Emmy.

“Wow, an Emmy, what an incredible honor,” McElhenney starts saying in the acceptance speech “There’s so many people to thank. I’ve been waiting for this moment for 16 years. So I’ve got a lot to say. I’d like to start by thanking—”

Reynolds then interrupts McElhenney and says, “Mr. Lively couldn’t be here to accept this broken Emmy so he sent me on his behalf. First and foremost, Wrexham, we love you. Thank you for letting Rob and the other guy tell your story. Cymru am byth [Wales forever], bitches.”

He continued, “I’d also like to thank the Academy for this honor and for not asking us to attend the televised awards show with the real celebrities. I’d also like to thank FX and Disney for their support and in exchange, Mr. Lively promises to not f*** up my next movie.”

Reynolds ended his speech by calling out the Oscars, adding, “You’re on notice motherf***ers. Maybe we can get a token VFX nod next year. The amount of work on Hugh and Ryan’s face alone is at least worth a nod.”

Watch the complete acceptance speech in the video posted below.


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