Mia Goth, A24 Sued By Background Extra Who Claims He Was Kicked In The Head During A Scene In ‘MaXXXine’

Mia Goth, known for the films X and Pearl, is among those being sued by a background extra of her upcoming film MaXXXine after allegedly kicking him in the head on purpose during a take, an incident that led to his dismissal from the film last April.

James Hunter claims in court papers that he suffered a concussion after Goth kicked him in the head during a scene in the A24 sequel. The film is the third in a trilogy of horror films directed by Ti West and starring Goth.

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In the lawsuit, Hunter says he was hired for three days to play the role of “Dead Parishioner.” It required him to be covered in fake blood and to lay on the ground, allegedly without a prop pad.

Goth was to step over him, then run.

The suit claims Goth nearly stepped on him in one take. Hunter complained to the second assistant director. But on the next take, Hunter claims, Goth deliberately kicked him in the head with her boot.

After the scene, Hunter alleges that he was in the bathroom when Goth came in and “taunted, mocked, and belittled” him. He also said removing his robe, crusted with the fake blood, caused him pain.

On the drive home, Hunter said he had to pull over twice because of light-headedness.

The next day, the casting agency informed him via phone and email that he was not to go back for the remainder of his shoot schedule.

The suit accuses Goth of battery and also includes a wrongful termination claim against A24, Goth, and West.


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