Reneé Rapp Had The Best Response To Body Shaming

We have a lot of time for Reneé Rapp, AKA Regina George, AKA our new feminist hero. The Mean Girls star has been tearing up social media with her exhilarating approach to press interviews, from blasting the owner of a bus tour company for his apparent sexism to claiming she’s “ageist” against millennial women – we’ll admit that last one hurt just a little bit.

One thing we definitely do not have time for, though? Body-shaming. While celebrities have long been subject to punishing body scrutiny, we must ditch the idea that it’s a rite of passage – particularly for young women navigating the spotlight. Thankfully, Reneé Rapp is leading the charge against this disturbing – and, let’s face it, sexist – cultural norm.

Whether she’s talking about the realities of living with an eating disorder or calling out body-shamers, Reneé is unapologetically forging a more promising path for women in the entertainment industry (and beyond).

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Reneé Rapp moments. And if you’re reading this Reneé, please never change.

When she shut down speculation about her body…

Speaking at the Teen Vogue Summit in 2023, Reneé was asked, “From a public perception [and] media standpoint, how do you reckon with what you can control and what you can’t?” Her response was – obviously – brilliant.

“The conversation around my body is f*cking stupid,” Rapp replied. “I’m like, ‘just shut the f*ck up.’ I mean, you’re so obsessed. You are clinically so obsessed. And I get it. I know I look good. You don’t need to talk about it.”

“I mean, it’s ridiculous,” she continued. “It definitely hurts my feelings on a certain level. I won’t say, ‘It doesn’t bother me, and I’m doing great with it.’ I think it’s harmful. I think it’s stupid. And I think it’s ignorant. But also, again, you’re obsessed. Like, shut up.”

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When she called out body-shaming on the Mean Girls Broadway set…

In an interview with The Guardian, Reneé claimed that people involved in the show “would say some vile fucking things to me about my body,” which exacerbated her eating disorder. At one stage, she says, it got so severe that her parents flew to New York to try and pull her out of the show for the sake of her health.


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