25 Short Wedding Dresses For The Modern Bride in 2024

Sure, there’s also the best boho wedding dresses, maternity wedding dresses and high street wedding dresses for all year round to consider, but short wedding dresses are a whole different ball game. According to Karen Millen, searches for ‘mini wedding dress’ and ‘mini bridal dress’ soared 229% and 423% worldwide after the Richie-Grainge wedding. So if that doesn’t tell you to give them a chance, I don’t know what will.

It’s easy to assume that there’s only one type of dress when it comes to your big day – typically floor-length and made of chiffon, satin or lace – and I’m the first to admit that I was in that camp, but, actually, there are some stunning above-the-knee designs that’ll have you feeling (and looking) just as spectacular as a wedding gown/ball gown would.

There’s no reason why you can’t join your gal pals with their short bridesmaids dresses and wedding guest dresses and have a shorter hemline yourself.

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Find 25 of the best short wedding dresses that’ll make saying ‘I do’ an even sweeter affair, below…


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