Cormac McCarthy’s Valentine Day Candy Hearts

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Cormac McCarthy’s Valentine Day Candy Hearts

“Everywhere the dying groan and the horses lay screaming.” And this isn’t even the bleakest Cormac McCarthy Valentine Candy Heart.

Sexily ever after: how romance bookstores took over America

With a total of nine, with a few more trying to open by the end of this year, I am not sure this constitutes “taking over America.” Still, there is room to run: stores dedicated to mysteries/thrillers and stores dedicated to comics have been around for decades. Sci-fi and fantasy too for that matter. So are romance bookstores taking over, or just catching up?

Terry McMillan Partners With Lifetime for Slate of New Original Movies

This seems to be an exceedingly smart idea, and one I think other channels/platforms might consider adopting. Peacock could have a similar deal with Gillian Flynn. Maybe Amazon Prime and Andy Weir. Give people who do genre stories at the highest level an on-going funnel.

The most romantic ways to say ‘I love you’, from the romance experts

ELLIOTT: So have a happy Valentine’s Day, no matter how you say it or what you do about it.

I Will Never Get Tired of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet

I didn’t write this ode to Romeo + Juliet (how hip is that little cross for the &/and?), but I certainly could have.


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