26 Best Glossier Products According to GLAMOUR Editors

Glossier is affordable, on trend, photogenic as anything, and home to some seriously impressive formulas, which is why so many of their new launches becomes viral hits, and our list of the best Glossier products grows.

Established in October 2014, when Emily Weiss launched a brand born out of a beauty community, the formulas and products were built with help from readers of her site, Into The Gloss, rather than in a boardroom. The millennial pink bubble packaging became a speedy masterclass in world branding, and each blush, mascara, brow gel an easy antidote to tired-looking complexions.

For those who have never dipped their toe in Glossier waters, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to reveal the best Glossier products that GLAMOUR editors swear by. From skincare products like the Universal Pro-Retinol (which is formulated with a gentler plant-based power complex of 0.5% Retinyl Sunflowerate), to makeup products like the brand’s number one bestseller, Boy Brow, to the interiors space, headlined by the Glossier You scented candle, which took its fragrance from the same perfume that’s captivated zillennials everywhere.

The best CeraVe products that GLAMOUR editors, skincare experts and the whole of TikTok swear by (including the brand new blemish range!)

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And, if you’re in the market for some newness, allow us to introduce you to Glossier’s latest recruit, which picks up from the success of the Cloud Paint blushers.

The Cloud Paint bronzers feature the same pigmented creamy formula as the OG, only the five new shades offer some warmth. Dune is a golden tan, Drift gives a deep, neutral bronze, Coast is a golden bronze, Swept is a medium, neutral tan, and Sail is a light, neutral tan.


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